If function custom value


I have a column with project stages and another with date. I was using
IF(thisRow.STAGE=“FINISHED”, ******* ,today())
When I change the project stage to finished I want to be able to to edit the sell to input my custom date and when its on any other stage to be set to today’s date “today()”. What should I write in true to be able to customize the sell. Or if there is a better way please advice.



Hey @Nazarii_Vovk,
I think currently, a date cell can’t be open for user input AND a formula.

In some cases, you can workaround this, by filling the data with a button. That way, data in a cell can be filled by a user AND automatically by an action. (Example of a scale field that can be open/deactivated for user input)

But I think in your case, it might be challenging if you have more than 2 project states. I think you might need two fields:

  • Date -> Text/Date field with formula: if(stage = ‘finished’, [Date picker], today())
  • Date picker -> No formula, just a date field

Hope that helps!



I often use two Columns. One freeform and one formulaic. The formulaic basically looks at freeform and if it is empty it fills the values based on the formula.

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