Import pgn files

Cool feature for those who likes to play chess: Importing pgn files, putting them in a table that makes sense of the game, could be a nice bonus. Would also be nice if it’s possible to display the graphics for such chess game, that you can step through the game.
I know this might not be the most important, or most requested feature, but it still is a cool one :wink:

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I agree. Often, the idea of a Coda solution to do x… often leads to answers or approaches to do y…, z…, etc. Game logic is one of those areas that force you to think about dependencies and flows - both aspects of many systems that we often get wrong.

PGN is much like SVG and other notation formats that allow humans and machines to interpret. The ability to digest and generate PGN in Coda would represent underlying processes that could be used in many solutions. Game strategy, after all, is not that different from business strategy.

I assume you are a chess fan, so you should build this. There are many people here to help you when you hit some challenges.

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Thanks for kind and motivational words.
I just might give this a try. Could be a fun project.

But I believe it could (or perhaps I need to say would) really benefit from someone with more experience and knowledge than me. I just started with Coda October/November 2022 :wink:
But yes, I do love a game of chess, and find it both interesting and fun.

I think first use would be to be import PGN files, and have the system automatically fill out the data in a table/database. That way, you could end up with a nice database of games that you have played, and I believe it could prove useful for analysing your own game sort of.

So importing the PGN file, should also either store the PGN file along side the data extracted from the file in the database, or there needs to be a function to export data from the database to a downloadable PGN file.