Improved Unsplash Images

when selecting images using the “Choose from Unsplash” feature I’d like to paste an link directly into the search bar and have it fetch the image.

Right now the search option is very primitive. and simply finding what I want on their website and would considerably facilitate my research for the images, and very likely alow you guys to save some storage costs from people uploading images from unsplash as files. It would also be nice to have access to a link of the unsplash image i’ve added as metadata or something, in case I’d like to reuse that particular image on another row.

I’d also like to have an option to select your icons in the images column type.

Ideally i’d like to have icons for every row & column like in notion, or the way you allow it for pages & buttons.

agreed. I’d also like to be able to reuse images I have uploaded. It makes little sense that I have to upload it each time! Especially if using cover images as a way to distinguish between different categories of pages.