Improvement pasting web text + link + image into Doc



  1. the image is auto upload their image server . but in coda the image is linked url.
  2. the link is kept. but in coda the link broken.
  3. the image size is the same as web . but in coda it’s small .
  4. the head 1 is kept ,but in coda it’s normal text.
  5. the paragraph is kept ,but in coda it’s not.
  6. the italic text “The Atlantic.” is kept , but in coda it’s not italic.

Those above issues are re-produced with pasting text+link + image together, not single text or single link or single image .

Pasting text + link together

  1. the text is not head , but in coda auto covert head 1.

  2. Better keep bold text .

  3. Better keep color text .

in Coda


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