In layout, allow table view of a lookup, even with "Allow Multiple Selections" disabled

I often use “Display this column as a table” when working in Layout views. Very powerful and useful feature.

However, it is only available when “Allow multiple selections” is enabled in the Lookup column. This makes sense if you think that tables are only useful when they have more than one row.

But you would be wrong about that! Single-row tables are a great way to show a few extra properties of a looked-up row.

Could you just pull those properties into columns of the layout’s row? Sure - but not while preserving editability.


I really want this in Table view!! :star_struck:

It would minimize resorting to combinations of Sequence(), FormulaMap(), Filter() and Concatenate() in every row of a table (quite resource intensive) to accomplish the same result, which is like a little mini-report on a per row basis.

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@Ander I think your idea is a cool one.

I’m having second thoughts about mine. Maybe my pitch is not worth the friction of users who will be confused about why in this particular case they can’t insert additional rows, like they’re used to everywhere else. In any case, you’d have to solve for that interaction case with some UI that makes it clear to the user what’s up. Hmmm…

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