IndentBy formula

Hi there…
I don’t know how long it’s been on the Formulas reference page, but I have only just noticed IndentBy … which is certainly amazing functionality… only snag is, I can’t seem to make it work. Coda doesn’t seem to recognise the formula. Just wondered if anyone else is having this issue?
Many thanks

wauw and indeed:

maybe a surprise unboxed at oct 6?

cheers, Christiaan

Wow great find! This would be awesome if it worked!

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Same issue is currently going on with LineBreak().

My guess is that they pushed updates to formula page to line up with some beta tester environment but haven’t pushed those changes live to everyone.


I can use the IndentBy() formula (and the LineBreak() also)

but I cant figure out how its supposed to work!
I expected the following formula to return a bulleted list with the second item indented.
instead it just returns both items at the same level!

what am i missing?