Integrate as website

Testing Coda for a small team I would like to have also integrated in a page the possibility to chat.
I created on Azure a VM with installed free and tried to setup an iframe

But trying to embed it in a new page give me always an error. Rocketchat server didn’t have any DNS and also is not on https, there is any tested way to achieve this.

Hey @Davide_Z! What error are you running into? That might help the team narrow down the problem.

Hi, apologize for the delay, due I was in a rush I stopped trying to use, even if I think will be a valuable option to be integrated, such as other open source, on-premise installable options like Mattermost or Zulip.
Anyway it’s easy to test, I just created an Azure VM and installed using Snap, in 5 min you have a working solution to test on.

Thanks @Davide_Z ! Are you able to share the doc so we can take a closer look?

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