The Ultimate Real Estate CRM with Messenger integration

Hey no-code enthusiasts👋

We at Integromat just launched a Real Estate CRM on Coda that integrates with a ManyChat bot and are dubbing it the Ultimate Real Estate Pack!

And we made all the templates available for you to replicate this use case for any real estate business. :house::moneybag: Here’s the Coda template and it contains the links to the ManyChat and Integromat templates.

Oh and it’s also live on ProductHunt, so do check it out and share your thoughts! :+1:


It was a lot of fun working with @Arpit_C on this template. For those of you who have been using Integromat for your integrations with 3rd-party applications for ManyChat as your chatbot platform, this template should help you with organizing and managing your leads!

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