Is anyone having an issue with text selection and deletion?

Whenever i try to select a text and delete it the coda automatically selects the next line. I’m not sure is this some kind of a feature or a bug. This has been bugging me for a while now. To give you a better idea here is a gif of the reproduction of what i’m trying to say

in the gif you can see when i select that first sentence and delete it automatically the text below it is selected. This is especially irritating when you delete something and start typing immediately.

Dear @Jovis_Joseph,
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I recommend to write to to request the support of the Codan’s as the issue seems to be specific only in your case

Jean Pierre

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If it helps, I have this “Local Echo” issue all the time on android, usually when not in desktop view and using the touch screen. I’ve been playing with desktop+wireless keyboard and it has the feel of what you have going on. Are you using Chrome/PC? That’s the preferred environment right now