Is there a way create interactive filter to Values?



This is Bar chart .

Sometimes I need one value, sometimes need more values, and different categories values.

Currently , the way of add values and delete values is low effective .

So , is there a way hide or show Values or create interactive filter to Values ?

it means filter columns.


Hi @Steve_Yang,
you mean dynamic column ranges, as in Excel?

I guess that for the moment the chart interaction is pretty much manual… but I also hope for some improvements in the future.

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Hi @Federico_Stefanato

Actually I don’t know excel can do that before. as you mentioned , it use Slicer by column, and the same as Gsheet.

The interactive filter concept is alike Slicer. I guess .

But I meant

Filter columns :

  • New A
  • New B
  • New C



not filter their selection .
such as, not Filter the values of country :


Just filter columns head.

Yes, I understood (I think…).

From this sentence, I assume that by Values you mean Columns

You think of having a chart that allows you to consider the whole column ranges and you can interact with its visualisation by de/selecting them somehow (either with a slider or whatever).

Currently you have to select/delete each of them manually in the chart interface.

Unfortunately I’m not seeing another way of doing it, at this time.

But please, tell me if I’m still far from your thoughts :slight_smile:

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Yes. excatly. @Federico_Stefanato

Is this excel or Gsheet can do that ? if you’re free time , please teach me or paste the link .

When I search " Filter by column" , all result is not my need.

Appreciate you !

What you can do with GSheets is to hide/show columns and reflect such selection in the chart:

I hope this helps.

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Appreciate @Federico_Stefanato

Start tomorrow, I’ll try to get table datas by Coda API, and then export to ChartJS.

I’m not good at coding…