Is there a way I can select different calendar days for a task, skipping some days in between?

At the moment, my table is set up with start date and end date and therefore shows the days I’m working that task as the start and end date and all the days in between.
But what I was wondering was is there a simple way, maybe with a drop down calendar view, where I can just select the days that are required for that task. Eg. Monday, Thursday and Friday.
Hope you guys can help,
Thanks in advance,

This would likely need to be different entries for it to register a start and stop for each segment worked.

My first approach would probably be to have a tasks table, and if I have a lot of tasks, group them by category. Then in my calendar table, I would make the task a “Lookup” column to the Tasks table. This way I could add a new row and choose the same task and add the smaller date segment for each.