Is there a way to create a table with the "rows" from another table as the headers automatically?

For example, I have a table that’s essentially a list of users from my Discord server for a game guild, and all their contact information.

I’d like to create an independent table where the headers are automatically pulling in from that “contact list” (where there exists a toggle for “active” and “inactive” users), where I can then log things like a weekly activity check for active uers.

To quick answer your question - no. You cannot do as you asked

But you wouldn’t want to even if you could! The Coda Way would be to have two tables.

Table 1: your list of guild members. One row per member, with columns logging their email, discord tag, etc

Table 2: weekly activity log. One row per person, per week. Then a column to indicate whether that week for that guild member was active/inactive.

Tons of functionality that will open up to you with that structure! Let me know if you need more help

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