Is there a way to merge rows?

Hi! This is something very simple but I can’t seem to figure out the best way to do it.
I want to “merge” cells. Do something as simple as this! Any ideas aside from copying the same text in all rows and then grouping? Thank you!!

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Welcome to community @Mariana_Costa - and thank you for using Coda.

Coda does not support “merge”-ing of cells like spreadsheet programs. based on google translate it seems like you are trying to create a view where you can see multiple items with same priority? if so, one of the “coda-way” to do this is to create two tables, one is Priority and second to do “items” and then write formula on Priority table to pull out items with priority as that record.

here’s a sample that shows how you can do that:

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btw, for posterity, grouping can be used as well - example below