Merging rows in a lookup table

Hi, I have a large spreadsheet I’m using Coda to tidy up and ultimately host.

As part of this I have turned some columns into Lookup tables so I can clean up similar items. However I can’t find out how to merge them even though I update the row to a new name. I’m guessing it treats each row as a unique name but don’t know what to do next. A new lookup table from this lookup table, which sounds complicated.


Hi @Jonathan_Richardson,

The quick way would be something like this:

However, I’d warmly suggest not to: the inconsistency comes for the underlying design.
The fact that the lookup name is the same, hides the fact that the row is in fact a different one.

Rather, I’d create a different table with unique rows of the vegetables and a column with a list of original names, so that you can keep the original information with the full consistency of the data model.

Do let me know if I correctly got your point.

It depends on how you’re using these lookups for which way you might want to set the tables up. It looks to me like you have a setup of “Category”, “Item”, and “Count”. And it also seems like the counts might be multiple rows of the same item, so a running list instead of a total for one row.

Here’s a sample of a possible table setup. I lean this direction because it lets me easily find totals for the category and for the items.

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Thanks both. Yes both methods will work, much appreciated