Is there a way to tell if an issue is a sub-task in the imported data?

I’m not interested in parsing the subtasks of my jira project within Coda, but I can’t find a way to filter them out / prevent Coda from pulling them in the first place. Is there a property anywhere that identifies an entry as a subtask?

Good question Keith! We can see what type of issue we’re capturing within the issue column itself like this.

That means you can create a new column for just that field using this formula:


And then create a filter to exclude any items with the value “Subtask.” Now, this only prevents those items from appearing in your feed rather than from being synced at all.

If you want to prevent them from syncing at all, you would need to write some of your own custom JQL in this setting to accomplish that:

You can find a guide on using JQL with Coda here.

This might provide some useful direction on the specifics of that JQL, though I wouldn’t be able to offer anything more concrete myself. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Thank you so much for all of the guidance my several jira related posts in the last few days!

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Understanding that the Issue column is the parent of all other properties just made these tables infinitely easier to work with - thank you!

There’s the column “Issue type”, you can use it also to filter them out…
If you’ll never need it, I’d suggest using JQL in order to reduce the size of data imported