Issue Key from Jira impossible to add

Hello everybody, Could Someone please assist me. I want to add Jira issue key to the column in the table. The problem is that at the moment I can only add summary, priority, status and issue type from Jira. But it is not possible to add issue key. The point is that coda suggests me to add issue key as well, but once i try to put it in the formula and make it work, it doesn’t work and issue key doesn’t show up. How do I put issue key from Jira to the formula and make it render? Thank you guysimage ![image|180x238]

Hi Kristina! Not sure you’ve already solved this problem or not, but the problem here is that the Parent field of the Issue type imported from Jira is not an Issue, but another type of object altogether as you can see from this image:

The way I got around this limitation was to filter the Issues table to find the corresponding Parent issue using a comparison between the Summary field of the Issue's Parent: