Issue with Modify Rows Formula


I’m trying to setup an automation to modify a row value if another value in the row changes. The formula I have is below. The first step of this is to make it so it only modifies the row with the stock configuration not equal to Monitor Stock Configuration. Once I’m able to successfully get the value to change correctly, I would also like to add into the automation to submit a ticket (send email) from that row to let us know it has changed and the monitor on the customer side needs to be updated as well. I hope I explained this right, I have a hard time trying to explain what I’m trying to accomplish with Coda formulas sometimes. Please also see link below to doc.

ModifyRows(Filter([Client + Template], filter([Client + Template], [Stock Configuration] != [Monitor Stock Configuration])), [Client + Template].[Stock Configuration], [Client + Template].[Monitor Stock Configuration])