Keyboard Shortcut to see hidden pages?

Hi – I keep many pages on my doc hidden so that other users with read only access have a simpler experience.

However as a doc maker the hidden tables are often what I’m editing. Is there a keyboard shortcut to quickly hide/unhide pages?

Alternatively, does anyone recommend a doc design that better accommodates multiple user types?

Hi @Nick_Short and Welcome back :grin: !

There doesn’t seem to be one, from what I can see in the list of keyboard shortcuts :blush:.

And I’m not sure there should be one … as anyone in a doc can already unhide things we’re trying to keep hidden, that would just make it easier for people to access what they shouldn’t see :innocent: .
(This might, maybe, get better once we get a single-page sharing feature though, depending on how it will be implemented :blush: )

As for the rest, what do you mean by :

… exactly ? :innocent:

This topic :point_down: might give you ideas on how to achieve user specific “display” though …

This might seem like an old trick but it’s still how “user specific” filters generally works :innocent: .

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