Lag in applying control filter to Detail display

Hi there, I have a doc that I want to publish for public use. I have a control value where someone is prompted to enter an email address. This is supposed to filter a whole bunch of instances so it only shows data connected to the email address.

I have the filtering down fine, but there seems to be a lag in getting it to apply. For example, I’ll change the email address in the control field and some of the things will filter right away but not every instance, particularly when there is a “Detail” display.

It’s easier to show than describe, so here is a loom: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

I think it might be the detail view you’re using, but with the standard view, you’d probably be seeing yellow outlines indicating that the item is about to be filtered out.

I have a similar thing that happens to me. If I use an external control and change the value, the detail view will then have those yellow lines, indicating that it’s about to be filtered out, but it won’t actually change until I click somewhere within the detail view, then click outside of it. Then it’ll fully switch to the filtered results.

If you can click within it, and when you click out it changes, then you’re probably running into this as well. So technically it’s not lagging, it’s sort of just waiting for you to be okay with the filter change… if that makes any sense.

I think this is Coda’s indented function, though I wish it would just change without having to do the extra clicking. Sometimes you forget to click and you’re left with confusing data :confused:

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Darn. Okay that makes sense but I wish it wasn’t so, as I’m using this control value to specify what data someone should be able to access.

Have you encountered any workarounds? Like is there a way to program a button to refresh all the table views? Or - as I mentioned this will be public, can I set the default state to be blank anytime someone loads the page so it doesn’t accidentally pull in the previous data?

I’m with you on that, I wish it filtered immediately like the other view types.

Unfortunately I have not found a work around other than doing the click in, click out.

I’m not totally sure how Coda first decides to populate the detailed view in it’s filtered state. Sometimes I have noticed it will stay unfiltered (but yellow highlighted) with whatever I was working on the previous day, even after reload, other times it will be correctly filtered on reload… it’s a bit random, so I’m not completely sure the best way to manipulate it’s loading state unfortunately.

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