Larger / Separate formula window


The inline formula editing is nice but is limited as which you have a few lines it becomes unusable - maybe just my long/bad formulas but is becoming a right PITA :frowning:

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@Phil_White I’ve encountered this one or two with monster formulas. I’d recommend unrolling your formulas into multiple columns. This also improves performance: if you have multiple columns performing similar calculations (e.g. the same filter except for one), it reduces the number/size of recalculations you’ll have to do.

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Yeah, this is vital. Especially, if there could be some way to introduce intermediate values rather than building one enormous formula.

Obviously, you could create a Section with multiple smaller chunks of the formula, and then just look up the result from there, but it seems like there is a benefit to having the formula right there in the sheet you’re working on, and having all the preceding formulas readable at once.

I would like an inverse formula tool, where I could see what the intermediate values of my formula is at every step along the way.

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