Launched: Avatars on Doc List

A few months ago, we launched the capability to jump to another user’s cursor location within a doc. We’ve heard this has been especially helpful for those video calls where you can just click on the avatar for the person speaking to “get on the same page.”

Now, we’re helping you find your teammates one level higherーin the doc list! When you navigate to and sign in, you’ll see your list of docs per usual, only now we’ve added the avatars of users who have each doc open alongside them.

We know it’s common for one user to have multiple docs open, so we’ll only show avatars for currently active users, and users who have been recently active in the past 24 hours. If the doc has a lot of people in it, you can hover over the avatar that indicates how many more people are active to see the full list. Hovering over a specific user’s avatar will provide basic info like their name and when they were last active.

Note that to jump to a user’s cursor, you’ll still have to open the doc, and then click on their avatar in the doc’s top menu.

We hope this helps you identify which docs are currently active for your team, and helps to make your docs feel a little more social while working remotely!