Launched: Custom Profile Pictures

This summer has been the summer of “getting on the same page.” After launching the ability to jump to another user’s cursor location, we added the ability to find your teammates in the doc list by displaying the avatars of users who have opened each doc.

Until now, we’ve synced your Coda profile picture to your linked Google or Gravatar account to make personalization seamless.

Starting today, you’ll be able to customize your profile picture.

To do so, access your account settings by clicking on your picture in the upper right corner of any doc or on the doc list, then clicking the “kebab” menu (3 vertical dots) and selecting “Account settings.” Or, you can navigate directly to

From your account settings, click the pencil icon overlaid on your profile picture, then select the “Upload Photo” option. After uploading, you can confirm by clicking “Change.”

Tip: Made a mistake? If you click “Remove Photo” you might see your Profile picture replaced with your initials. Within 24 hours, your account should re-sync with your login email account and your former picture will be restored.