Launched: Jump to User's Cursor in a Doc

Your Avatar in Coda is now more than just a pretty face!

Did that get your attention? :slight_smile:

As you can imagine, we run a lot of Coda’s business in Coda docs, and as we shifted to a fully distributed team, we realized we had to do quite a bit of wayfinding within docsーeven after Slacking a link. We found ourselves quickly tiring of saying “I’m looking at Heading XYZ, third paragraph down” or “I’m talking about the seventh row of the topic voting table.”

Starting today, when you click on a teammate’s avatar in a doc, we’ll jump you to their cursor location in the doc so you can instantly be on the same page (or table . . . or view . . . ).

We’re excited to share this little update with you, and we hope it makes one of our sayings, “Meet me in a doc,” feel a little more true and a lot more helpful while we navigate a new era of remote work.



Simple…but extremely helpful.


:boom: It are the small things that make the difference :boom:


You guys are on fire over there!!! Is the engineering team on an hourly build/release schedule or something? This one in particular solved an annoyance I was having just yesterday in a doc that has grown a little overweight with time. Thanks for all the hard work lately.


What a well-thought feature. No small at ALL



I rarely am so excited about a new feature. Might seem small but is actually HUGE for our team! Well done, codans!


Elegant! Are you listening, gdocs?!
(Unless they already have it and I just never noticed.)

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I face the same issue when talking with a client using a doc in coda. Great feature.

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Coda pays attention to simple things like this that can affect user experience. This is the exact reason why I switched from Notion to Coda the day I discovered Coda. Product development done right!


I said. if Coda has nested pages feature ,I will migrate from Notion to Coda. and Coda almost replace Notion. except UI and UX. Although I used Coda before than Notion. :sweat_smile:

About UI and UX I can tweak it myself with Stylus(chrome extension). such as , layout, font, hover show. etc. But something I can’t do it myself. Hope Coda pay attention UX and UI in the future.