Launched: Coda 2.0, a simpler, cleaner, and faster doc for teams

Hi Codans,

First of all: thank you very much for everything you’ve done so far!
I believe what most users said here is already enough. Biggest surprise is to see the impact for the active members of this community, which means that people who were helping each other already, growing their tools/apps within the community are now completely impacted.
Even the ones that were helping Coda evolve, providing feedback and suggestions on new features / packs won’t be able to use anymore. That’s so weird.

I really hope pricing model will be evaluated again, as well as people who were using Coda already (old users) or people that supported development would get a free pass or even different price model.


Hi .So I understand that in order to share a large doc , you have to move it to one -free- workspace - and then move it out within 14 days … but if not , does the doc become readonly or …you get charged for any editors in there ? . The later case could be quite cumbersome as you could be working with several docs / workspaces and loose track . I plan to share them with existing pro users in the community but also with several customers …
In my scenario I am creating sales workflows for my SaaS training/consulting , I expect to showcase the value within the 14 days ( and hopefully enough to cover the Pro- as the automations are critical ( +1 for increasing the limits¡) but i can not pay in advance for them…


@jeo : Thank you very much for the mention :blush:
And thank you very much (again) for this (still) sweet attention :grin: !
(I agree, recognition is important too :wink: )

Personally, I’m just hooked to Coda I think :yum: .
Still learning (and the Community is filled with knowledge :grin:) but I’m always happy to help if I can :grin: !


Thank you for the recognition!

It looks like Coda is entering the rapids, looking at the influx of new members and the .new post. It wasn`t my intention to write a controversial post, merely to highlight an issue that we as a community have.

I truly hope that we’ll get a concrete answer from Coda.


Hi @jeo, thank you for the mention, much appreciated :facepunch::slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve been giving more thought to the pricing “situation” for Coda. One of the problems Coda faces here is the variability of the product, by which I mean, it can be used to create solutions from the simple to the complex, and I think this is where some of the tension with the pricing is coming from.

If you’ve created a highly complex doc that solves a problem for which there was no other option, then the pricing might seem inexpensive.

But, if all you’ve created is a simple task manager, the pricing can come out at up to 3-4 times that of dedicated, premium task manager apps, and so appears to be outrageous. It’s easy to forget at this point that what you’re actually holding is a tool with almost infinite possibility.

I can understand that this situation is very difficult to price. Should the pricing be based on the infinite possibility of the tool itself, or the complexity of the solutions created with the tool? A difficult question to answer.

As a second point, I am very disappointed with the handling of the existing community, some of whom have given a lot to the community over a very long time (I’m not including myself here, I’ve only been reasonably active over the last couple of months), and to be given a “pay up by 1-Dec in order to get our rather paltry acknowledgement of your efforts” notice is very poor.

Coda, you need to realise that your product, the community, and the potential paying customer base, would not be what it is without those people. They deserve better.

Over the months you’ve talked the talk, but when it came time to walk the walk, you’ve fallen a long way :disappointed:


We want to thank you all very much for your feedback. We are taking all of this in and are continuing to review our pricing structure.

We are going to close this topic and open three more topics for more directed feedback so we can better understand how the community is using Coda.

If you fall in any of the following three categories, please feel free to tell us more about your use-case there…

And if your ideas don’t fit in those categories, please add any other general feedback here…

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