Launched: FedEx, UPS and USPS Packs

As we’ve sheltered-in-place and worked from our homes, several Codans noticed we’ve done quite a bit more of our shopping onlineーfor everything from pantry essentials to gifts that celebrate our friends and family. While different e-commerce platforms might provide a nice view of all of your orders from them, we came to realize what we really wanted was a consolidated personal view of all of our packages regardless of the vendor.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of packs to help you work with shipping information for your deliveries from FedEx, UPS and the US Postal Service (USPS)!

With each pack, you can customize tables to derive things like shipping status, anticipated delivery date and even stated delivery windows for each package for which you have a tracking number. You can give these packs a try on their own and incorporate their data into existing workflows (especially if you’re a business doing a lot of shipping these days!).

If you’re looking for a more consolidated view:

  1. You can copy this doc from the Doc Gallery, which lets you paste in a tracking number from any of the supported services, choose the corresponding service and automatically see the updated details; or
  2. You can use drag-and-drop templates for each of the services, or an aggregate template to add these features to your existing docs.

This information is managed the same way it would be provided if you input a tracking number into any of the services’ websites, ensuring personal and private information remains that way.

We hope this little update brings a little Coda magic to the increased time many of us are spending at home.


Since we started Beta testing this internally I’ve been using it every day. Actually while testing it I found a package had been delivered on the weekend that I hadn’t picked up, so useful!


So good! These are the things that are setting Coda apart from similar tools! I may be able to ditch Airtable sooner than I hoped.


I’m not able to find those on the Pack Request doc!

Can DHL get some love?? :slight_smile:

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They should be showing on there now :slight_smile:

Is there a reason sync is set to manual? I can’t think of a use case where people don’t want to know the latest status? Maybe default to hourly.

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