Launched: Formula building, now bigger and better

I have to do this to save a formula before some big modifications.
This way I can roll back without undoing something I don’t want with Coda undo.

Woohoo this amazing, I have been dreaming of this for sooo long! Thank you!! :star_struck:

After using this for a while, I’d love if the new bigger, better editor was always opened by default when clicking on a formula field. An option to toggle this would be nice if some people like the quick-editor.


This! On my 16:9 laptop screen the formula editor is actually the same height as the “Formula info” pane down below. And this is even more frustrating since initially the info pane is empty and isn’t needed until I dive in (after I’ve located the code I want to mess with).

What if the info pane could be moved to the right-side instead of the bottom, for very widescreen displays? A simple button to move it on one corner of the pane (and code to remember the choice, per machine if possible) would be all that’s needed to give the user the choice.

Here’s a quick mockup I made by tweaking the CSS that shows how much nicer it looks on this aspect ratio: