Launched: Publishing with Coda

You guys are so amazing! Such frequent updates and one even more useful than the other. All my wishes came true, and even more) Now just speed and doc size to improve, and maybe two-way sync, but in any case by far my favorite tool of all!


Thanks, that helps. @mallika a hidden section (“Explore ABA Data” under “Even More” folder) is showing up for me too fyi.


This is huge. Congrats!!


holyyyyyy cow! I am so freakin impressed!


I LOVE this update!!! :clap: :heart_eyes: :clap:

Coda docs can finally be shared in a stilish way! :grin:

But! my app is full of current user (like “user()”), in this way a non-signed one can’t use the app because it is “non existing”, breaking the formula and leaving blank graph and tables…
Could a “@temp-online-user” be set as fixed?
in this way i can manage a demo for user :slight_smile:

The copy blocks are really useful if you sell access to the platform! :slight_smile:


@Mario - you can create another named formula named CurrentUser which is set to =if(User().Email.IsNotBlank(), User(), @defaultUser) - and then everywhere you use user - use your new CurrentUser formula.

something like this image


Yea, baby!!! :clap: :clap: I’m so happy I could cry :joy: :joy_cat:

Thank you Coda…:sob:


@Krunal_Sheth This way of creating new formula is a revolution for me!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:
I’ll use it a lot in the future!
But my problem is that i have like at least 400 formulas that deal with user…aaaaaaand i don’t have a free week to fix those ahahaha :joy:
Honestly, i’ll probably do that before or after, so, are you sure that this formula will not break? Like if coda change the way it manage not logged in user i will be at the starting point…(or with this new approach to formulas one could just edit the one instead of all the columns…mind blowing, i have to try it!)
This information for me it’s gold man!
I’ll never thank you enough @Krunal_Sheth :heart_eyes:

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Is it possible to access to viewing and interacting stats of a published Coda?

That’s very cool. I’m already thinking of using this to make a Presskit Template for Video Games.

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Hey Juan, we have Views in the Doc Statistics side panel now, do you mean the specific people who viewed?

:newspaper: :newspaper_roll: If you’d like to chat more about publishing, Glenn and I will be hosting a Behind the Building Block session on Friday. We’ll dig into the history of the feature, how the team worked to make it a reality, and answer your questions. Save your spot here.

See you there! :eyes:


Do you plan to make it possible to publish a doc without being listed on the maker’s profile page?

Or having the top nav layout as an option for shared docs?

My use case: I’d like to share a doc with a smaller group using the top nav layout and having the option for them to make limited interactions (e.g. push buttons, add rows)

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Hey Zsolt, we’re still exploring top nav in regular doc. Mostly it’s about scoping how much of the current side nav options we support (e.g. adding new sections/folders, hiding, renaming etc)

On the limited interactions piece that is currently possible via Locking in a regular doc.

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@maria and @Glenn_Jaume is there a way to dynamically show or hide content based on whether a user is logged in? I have made a few attempts and not had any success.

Thread here —> Published Docs: Show or Hide content based on whether user is logged in or not

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How do we set the default opening page of a published doc? I have a section opening which is lower down in the doc navigation but not the first page people should see.


Hi Glen,

I like this feature but I think Coda is missing a very importante componente (Input Field)

I have published one of my documents in play mode but this does not let the person change the text value that i use to update my formulas.

For me For Coda Docs to Be Apps this is one of the most important features.


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+1 on @Zsolt_Bako’s comment. I’d like to be able to publish—or more specifically, templatize—a document internally.

I guess the only difference between sharing a doc with a team and publishing it for the team is that I’d like a big fat copy button on the upper right. Use case: we have a timesheet that we replicate many times, but it’s got some sensitive data, so I don’t want to put it in the template gallery.

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You’ve reached the daily limit for doc shares open to the world. Please contact support to request additional quota. how do i bypass that


Hi @Ingrid_bega,

Welcome to the community!

You can use the “?” icon at the bottom right corner of any doc to contact our support team about this issue.