Launched: Save a Page as PDF

Hi @Connor_McCormick! We’ve looked into this and are unfortunately running into browser limitations in Chrome where some images inside embeds don’t print. We’ve filed a bug with Chrome here that you can follow:

As a workaround, I believe these images are included if you create a PDF of the page from the … menu next to the doc name.

Does this mean that if I instead use Firefox I should be able to print those pages!? If so that’s really great news

@Connor_McCormick Yep, I’d suggest giving that a shot. Let me know how it goes!

It works! Amazing, thank you. Still cuts off my images in the middle of them, but at least they load. Thank you!

Glad it works! And yes, there are some known issues with how iFrames scale in print. Unfortunately, a lot of this is native browser rendering behavior and there’s not a lot we can reasonably do at this point.

That’s an enormous bummer. Is there anything I can do to manually add a new page?

@Connor_McCormick would love to help out with this if possible / better understand your embed-printing scenario. Would you mind sharing more more about your use-case? Feel free to DM me so we don’t clobber this thread.

Hi @Matthew_Tebbs

Having PDF’s is great. Ideally more controls around what is printed and more importantly a button. So I can create a button to automate; creation of PDF, composition of email and send of email with PDF attached.

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I agree with this 100%. And we really need a page break character/function, I have some variable length docs and I need to play around with whitespace to get some meaningful page separation.

I have been trying to find a work around, but I can’t find one…

I’m using format() to create a contract, however with Brave or Chrome the pagination / margins cut the text off wonky. Any ideas on how to fix?

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Hey @Matthew_Tebbs ,

what’s the status on this topic, will we be able to export PDFs for every row in a table automatically? :slight_smile:

Hey John,

I’ve had to create a couple contracts too - It is a pain when pieces are cut off. If it is a somewhat consistent contract, could you just put a character(10) before the “Uses of Software” piece so that it defaults to the next page?

Kind of. Since I’m using format() to generate the block of text, I broke it up into separate format() functions for each page. It is very hacky and not a good solution; albeit works.