Launched: Set control value action

Find myself the right formula for daterangepickerSetControlValue([Select Set control value action Date],List([Set control value action].Date.sort().First(),[Set control value action].Date.sort().last()))

I think None evaluates to Blank

Ah :grin: ! That was a bit confusing :innocent: !

For me None meant there was nothing selected in the multi-select :sweat_smile:, not that it was effectively set on blank !

Well, TIL :blush: .

Thanks for clarifying this @cnr :grin: !


Thank you for your feedback! We do not support “everything” as a string right now. if you look at the formula return value for “everything” it just returns some hardcode default value. We can use that, alternatively we can create a default everything control and provide that as the date range value in the formula. Sadly, the display does not show “everything”. The underlying values are the same and is a temporary workaround if you set filters depending on its value.

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Thank you for your feedback! You can set a blank value with any number spaces wrapped in quotes like " "

You found it ! Yeah the date range control takes the begin and end date so in your case it takes some data messaging to pass the right input.

I wish Coda people would stop using these stupid gifs which are useless and distracting. Just film short videos instead with a bit of explanation like normal people. You aren’t helping anyone with these lame silent gifs.

But it doesn’t work if I need to use some values and None: type 1, type 2, Blank - "type 1, type 2, "

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discourse doesn’t allow uploading videos and tutorials normally follow

Is “discourse” the software? If so, that is truly sad. These gifs demos have been nothing but frustration for me anyway. They usually just add confusion and anxiety to whatever useless idea they don’t explain. Better nothing than these gifs.

Thank you Sergei_G. Would this formula walkaround work for you?

SetControlValue([your select], list(“A”, “B”, “”))

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it doesn’t work

Hope the next step will be the SetFilterValue - just a button with copied filters values for the view. It’s much easier to do and without additional step to make controls. But result - the same.

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I came here to write exactly the same comment that you were replying to. If your doc is used by other people canvas controls are almost useless on pages that are used a lot (for example for Tasks tables with filters and controls).

There is a way to make controls custom for every user with a helper table that stores filter values for each user, but it’s a very convoluted way to do this.

Count me in as another person who asks for Controls to have an option to be per-user. Peace!

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