Launched: Sync pages and content sharing updates

Thank you for trying out and the feedback @Felipe_Griebel and @juergenheise!

We currently don’t support adding a sync page to the same doc it’s from or source doc. Could you share more about how you’re using the “help” page in the same doc?

For forward and back, that’s something we’re aware about, so please continue to watch for updates!

We’re happy to hear it’s making some things easier for you like avoiding duplicated content!

I’ll follow up via DM to better understand what’s going on.

Thanks, @Breno_Nunes!

It’s a tricky one indeed that we’ve been thinking about, since there are various challenges like embedded formulas that point to things in one doc or another, and so on.

Are there specific scenarios or examples where you’ve found this to be blocking you or could make certain things easier?

Confirmed with help from @Timothy_Choi that this is not a bug, page icons are synching across and that there’s an opportunity for us to consider ways to make things even clearer!

I would like to be able to copy data from one Doc to another.
It would be great if we were able to reference objects from embedded Docs using CFL


This feature is called transclusion and is used ofter for showing and editing the same content in different places. In case of pages in Coda, this would allow to add a page and show the same page at multiple locations of the same document.

Use case: I create a page about a market report as a subpage of the market reseach company. It is a report about Point-of Care Testing for Molecular Diagnostics.
I post the same page under

  • Point-of Care Testing and
  • Molecular Diagnostics.

It would be great if Coda would allow to display a row as a single page on the left pane as well.

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Congratulations @Ayuba_Audu on the tremendous progress and thank you for setting out this roadmap!

As Shishir and many other of the Codans know these are long requested capabilities for Underscore.VC and our Core community so it’s great to see them coming to life. Let us know how we can help you test, give feedback, etc.

In that vein, I’d like to share a couple of thoughts that might help speed your process and / or arrive at the outcome that many people seem to be commenting on below.

First, in everything I’m taking away from the roadmap, it appears page based. Can it be more granular in general ?
For example just as we have cross-doc tables, can you think about how to have cross doc text (paragraphs) and other blocks, just the way Notion does with it’s sync blocks, as mentioned by @Shaheed_Fazal

Then as some like @Felipe_Griebel have requested below, can these sync blocks also be accessible in the same doc? (Again Notion does this easily)

Second, as you look to the 4th stage, is it in your plan to include sub pages? Just as you saw when you enabled sync pages, people will want the sub pages too, with granularity of access control for each page. Again this is something Notion enables already.

Finally, in the interests of doing this in steps, do you think you can ship some of this granularity and access control faster by enabling a read only first sub step, as a way to get people part way there sooner?

No need to reply, I’m just hoping this is helpful.

Meanwhile thanks to you and all the Codans for the great work getting us all these great capabilities. :pray:

As is the Coda way, you always do things right and it’s quite refreshing :raised_hands: :partying_face:


Is this roadmap contemplating locking of columns in table views? Sometimes you need people to only be able to change the status of a task and not its contents. Right now you would have to replicate all columns with formulas referencing the original ones so that they are not editable. This is both tedious and generates a bunch of formula columns which are not great for performance.


Hello @Miguel_de_Rojas

Locking columns is is most efficiently done with the locking options in the team plan. If you are not on a team plan you have to indeed lock your columns with formulas, but considering the very reasonable price of the team plan, I would recommend anyone looking for more advanced options to upgrade.
I am in a one person maker team and I upgraded within days or weeks of using Coda and never regretted doing so.


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Hi @joost_mineur ,

Thank you for your answer. I have sadly not expressed myself properly. I have always been in the team plan. The problem I am referring to is to gradually lock columns. I know I can lock table so the people can only press buttons however picture this scenario:

A table with tasks. One column is the title of the task and the other is the description. How can you restrict the table so that people can see and edit the description column but only see the title of the task without the ability to edit it.

How would you solve this?

Thank you!


There’s no way to lock columns other than the way you’re doing. It may be tedious but performance wise it doesn’t make a dent.
It would be great if we could formulaicly lock a column using an if clause though.


I agree with @Breno_Nunes : currently there is not an quick/easy way to do that.


Hi @Miguel_de_Rojas,

You’ve stumbled into a long-discussed limitation of Coda, and the solution would actually be quite simple if the developers can spare some time to implement it: we just need to have a “disable if” option available for all column types, not just buttons.

Please have a look at this suggestion and add your vote if you agree !

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This is awesome!

For this step 3, does “Access” mean people without access to the source doc can only view or they can edit as well?

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hi @Tim_Sherman1 ,
the permission split between source & target doc is for stage 4, it is work in progress.
cheers, christiaan


Many thanks for the feedack, @Anthony_Thong_Do1! Yes, since they can access the container doc where they’re viewing the sync pages from, there will be support for viewing or editing depending on their container doc access.

It’s likely the case we’ll support view-only first and expose editing and more options after.


Dear developers! With the new update you have closed access to display hidden pages for editors. This could have been a tool for sharing access. But editors can still find a hidden page just by knowing its name!

If there is a possibility to fix this:

  • Add the ability to hide / show the search bar
  • Remove hidden pages from search indexing

@Ayuba_Audu This looks like an excellent development!
Maybe I am misunderstanding but I have a use case with a table in detail view on one page and I give external users access to this page. The users have to log in to access the table and I am filtering the table based on the user’s email address to give them access only to their own information.
Will this update make it safer to share (or even publish??) that one page and leave the other pages completely inaccessible regardless of the user level?

Could not agree more @Tamerlan_Kagarmanov.
@Ayuba_Audu, could these be simple effective interim steps ?

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I’d also agree this is an important request. I would use them for synced views of tables. For example, a view which of a table which I want in several places but don’t want to manually change each view; instead the sync keeps them the same.