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I use folders to restrict what ‘editors’ can see. This seems to be the only way to restrict certain users from viewing page content. However, I want a nice home page which has links to different content. the idea being that ALL users see the home page but are restricted as to what they can see by virtue of the fact that content (pages) are stored in different folders.

So I have created a simple ‘Home’ page with links to several different docs, each held in different folders. This works perfectly except for one thing. A link opens a new internet window, which results in the user having multiple tabs open. Is there perhaps a formula I could add to a button that opens a link but in the existing window. Coda links all seem to open a new window. Any thoughts?

Many thanks

page example

hi @paul_ashley ,
many users struggle with the permission settings in Coda, it is certainly an aspects that deserves more love.
would you be able to use one of these in your set up:

Cheers, Christiaan

Thanks for the idea - not quite working for me. Maybe I’m asking the wrong question and I have a feature request.

I want to be able to remove some of the items on the left navigation for my editors (manage templates, packs, icons). I just want them to have a very simple view showing the folders that hey are part of. I thought a landing page could work but probably not.

Many thanks

i’d love to see the example of your Home Page. I am struggling with that too

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