Link to view in addition to table

I would like to limit the number of available items in a link to table column by first creating a view where I apply a filter that only filters out what is relevant. Then in my table I link to this view instead of the table. I can do a workaround now by doing a select list instead, but that doesn’t give the actual row in the output instead it shows the label for the row.

So in short:

  • Table T1
  • View V1 of table T1
  • Column in table T2 should link to V1 and only show those rows.

@Tomas_Jansson you should check out the Oscar Voting document/puzzle. I think it requires this to complete.

Are you using the Lookup formula or the Lookup column type?

I guess you mean the Lookup formula… didn’t know about that and will try it out. Thanks.

It did work, and if you are creative you can create custom selections which is quite cool.