Looker studio integration

I am working on a project where I need to integrate the tables in my Coda document with Looker Studio, and I am looking for guidance on how to accomplish this efficiently.

My ultimate goal is to design a button that allows me to select a table within my Coda document. For example, if I have a table called “Albaram”, I want to be able to select it with a button and then send it to Looker Studio so I can work with that data in that platform.

I’ve done some research on the Coda API, but it seems to me that translating the information and looking up fields by fields might be counterproductive to my workflow. I have not found information on how to directly integrate the Looker Studio API with Coda.

My ideal workflow would be as follows:

  • I select a table in Coda.
  • I click a button that reads that table and sends it to Looker Studio.
    -In Looker Studio, I have that table ready to work with that data.

Any information, advice or resources you can provide me on how to accomplish this integration would be very helpful. I really appreciate any guidance you can offer me on how to do this efficiently.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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