Looker Studio with Coda

Hello guys.
Have any of you ever connected Coda with Looker Studio? I’m looking on how to do it, but i can’t find if there’s any way Looker allows this.

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I have. But not directly.

The easiest way to do it is to set up an automatic export from Looker > Google Sheets

Then, either using a script or a pack Sync the google sheet to a Coda doc.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

I’m trying to make a community conector so we can connect Coda to Looker, but i’m looking to make it the other way around. Send information from Coda to Looker

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Yes! A community connector for Coda would be awesome. You can use the Coda API to build one. Let me know if any issues arise along the way.


Hi Eric. I think if the coda team would take a look and refine this integration Coda | Airbyte Documentation it would enable a whole slew of integrations including Looker.


hello good @eric_koleda , I would like to create this same thing but I can’t find any information, could you guide me more or less how I should do it?

Hi @sergio_cerrato_gonzalezz - I’m not an expert in Looker Studio, you’ll have to confront their documentation on what you need to build. But I believe that the Coda API should give you enough access to the columns and rows to allow you to build one.

I find a serious problem, because I have to look for the code of the table and the fields to save them in variables are short I can only save 200 fields in a variable, then it is unfeasible to implement this, so I want to see or implement something so you can read the table and with the reading of the table to send it, I do not think that I have problems when implementing the api of looker but at the time of collecting the data, so I would like to be able to make a table selector and having that selector a button that executes the import to loker studio but the lack of knowledge of the api of coda and the limitations that it has as I have commented the 200 fields in a variable limit me in my implementation.

I can only save 200 fields in a variable

Can you clarify what you mean by this? Where is this limitation, in the Coda API or in the Looker Studio?

Yes, of course, the problem is when I use the coda API, I try to get the rows and store them in a data variable , when I try to do it with tables bigger than 200 rows for example 11000 or 250 it only keeps 200 rows of all of them so it makes it incomplete and I can’t have the table data as a variable

When you list items using the API you often need to use pagination, retrieving the results in batches. You can learn more about it here: