Lookup Column Group Sorting

Hey everyone! I recently had a question regarding the best way to filter groups in a table. I figured out a couple of work arounds but maybe there is a more elegant way to sort the grouping. Ideally, changing the priority slider on the Priorities table would update the sort on the Initiatives table groups.

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That’s a neat question!

My first thought is to do it by sorting alphabetically, and then changing the display values for Things 1 thru 3. Make an additional column called Numbered Initiative on Priorities table with formula:

Format("{1}. {2}", 
  Rank(thisRow.Priority, thisTable.Priority),

Then make that column the display column, then in the Initiatives table, change the group sorting option to “Ascending” instead of “Lookup order”.

If you don’t want to change the display value of Priorities then a similar alternative would be to change the grouped column to a formula column: thisRow.Importance.[Numbered Initiative].


Thanks, @Ryan_Martens2 ! I think ultimately that is the cleanest solution. I was hoping it would work with something like Initiatives. Priority and then be able to sort by that value but making the ranking column the display column is probably easiest.

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