Sorting and filtering groups

Hello, in this example I have tasks that are grouped by project. I would like to sort my grouped tasks by the project date, but neither group option “ascending” or “lookup order” seem to work, even if I sort my projects table by Date.

Additionally, I would like to show empty groups, but also be able to filter them by date. For example, show all upcoming projects (whether empty or not) but not past ones. thanks


Sorting option through lookup is indeed something I did not figure out, and would listen to any idea about why there is not modification in the main table…

For your second point, for me it seems complicated to manipulate an empty group, as there is no pointer to look to. If the group is really empty, you dont get information back from the project database.
If you show empty group, you’ll show all empty group
If you want to filter by upcoming, empty projet wont go to your task database…

For that point, You should at least have a black/dummy/ “waiting for start” row to manipulate your upcoming project…

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