Lookup value matching another value

I thought I knew how to lookup a value matching another value but I can’t seem to get it to work anymore. To simplify I made this example:

Restaurants table contains
Burger King

Addresses table contains
Burger King, 100 Whopper Lane
Burger King, 200 Whopper Lane
McDonalds, 100 Big Mac Lane

Orders table has 1 order
Order #1, Burger King, Address

The Address column in the Orders table is a lookup so I tried the following:

HI Sara,

Your formula is comparing the column Locations in the table restaurants, with Thisrow’s cell restaurant. Comparing a column with a cell will not work.

Also, you have two Burger Kings in your locations table - there is no way for Coda to know which of those rows to use to pick an address. You need to have unique entries in Restaurant column, and then in your Orders table you need to use the exact reataurant.

Then try Locations.filter(restaurant=thisrow.Restaurant).store Address.
Which in English is something like, go to table Locations, goto the column restaurant, and find the restaurant that is the same as the restaurant in this row, and bring me the value in Store address.

Hope this helps
Rambling Pete

Hi Pete,

The Orders table column “Store Address” is a Lookup column to look up the Store Address for the Locations table.

So in the only order #1001, the user is selecting the Restaurant Burger King and by doing so the Store Address Lookup column should show only addresses that match Burger King.

Yes, and which Burger does it need to select? 100 Whopper, or 200 Whopper?


When clicking the dropdown in the Store Address column of the Orders table the addresses that match Burger King would appear in the filtered list.

The list should contain 100 Whopper Lane and 200 Whopper Lane since those are the two addresses that match Burger King in the Locations table. The address for McDonalds would not appear.

Hello Sarah,

Please share a (dummy) doc resembling your problem and one of us will show you how to do this.

Greetings, Joost