Lookups in table cell not flowing to new line

Hey Codans! I noticed something strange happening in the interface today. One of my tables has two lookup columns in it, but only in one of those columns (the one on the left, called “Projects they’re on”) are the objects flowing to new lines to respect the width of the column. In the second column (on the right, called “Projects they’re on”) you can see one of the objects is getting cut off.

Is this just a bug in the interface? It’s really important to me and my team to be able to see all of those lookup objects.

Also please ignore those extra dots, I must’ve been messy with my data-scrubbing of the screenshot.

Dear @Alice_Packard1,

Does your question remain, there has been a bug related to lookups and my might have been between them.

If the problem remains, you might concern to get in contact with support@coda.io or through Intercom ("?")

Gotcha, yeah unfortunately the issue is persisting still. I went ahead and sent the support team a message. Thank you, Jean!

Alice reached out and we concluded that it wasn’t a bug. It was related to the wrap text column feature. Included a gif below! :blush: