Revert to old wrapping behaviour for Lookup columns (truncate row pill, wrap multiple row pills)

I would like to request a reversion to the pre-August 2021 behaviour for how wrapping is handled on Lookup columns (or even better, add finer-grained wrapping controls).

Here are the new wrapping options:

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 10.01.34 AM

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 10.01.54 AM

What I want is to get back to the following (with each individual lookup pill unwrapped, but with each pill getting its own line):
Wrap Mockups for Coda - desired

Why do I think this is the ideal view for most Lookup columns?

  • Space is often at a premium, so column width needs to be minimized
  • We also don’t want rows getting absurdly tall (imagine there were a couple more people on the project above)
  • But it’s crucial to be able to see that multiple things are selected
  • Knowing we have to sacrifice something, I’d much rather truncate each lookup, rather than hide the fact that multiple lookup rows are selected.

So I would propose a reversion to the old wrapped behaviour (3rd picture above).

However, if you’re open to further suggestions, I would let the user choose between all 3 of the layouts above. This would be achieved with a combination of two settings:

  1. Wrapping for the column, which would decide whether or not each looked up row would get its own line
  2. Wrapping in Lookup Options > Item Settings, which would control what happens within each pill (truncated or wrapped)

Why not shorten the display column of the looked up rows? Because unfortunately Coda doesn’t let you specify different display columns in different contexts, so I’d be stuck with the super-shortened display column in all contexts. But that’s a separate feature request :slight_smile: