Lucid Chart (Pack Suggestion)

let users insert / edit charts from lucidchart.


I would use this feature too.

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Similar functionality to the Confluence Lucidchart integration would be ideal.

I would really appreciate this feature too.

I totally get that editing would be quite complicated, but being able to display Lucid Chart documents into Coda is something I thought was possible.

Right now we have to export Lucid Charts document as images and then add said images into Coda, and off course we need to to this each time we make a modification into those Lucid Chart documents to keep coda up to date. This is not handy at all.

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The reverse direction would also be useful.

As per this article, changes made to Coda tables would automatically update Lucidchart diagrams.

For example, if I changed the name of a user story in Coda, the related activity box in my Lucidchart process map would automatically update.

Even if they weren’t editable from within Coda, it’d be so great to at least be able to bring in a view of the diagram, without clickouts back to Lucid for editing.


It would be great to have the ability to play with layers from Coda

It would be great to be able to insert LucidChart diagrams in a similar way to what you can already do with Notion and Google Docs.

Lucid does have an extensions API, and in theory you could do a deeper integration, which would be amazing.

Gosh. Why isn’t Coda + Lucidcharts a thing yet?