Pack Requests - Plectica

We use Plectica for our thinking & mind mapping. Would be great to be able to connect this with our Jira Issues & Figma Files so our devs have context.

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I dosen’t know Pletica before.
Realy nice tool for diagrams, I gona start using it to :laughing:

I do not have sure how to conect they to coda, because they not look to have a API or some sort of importation of data.

But for now, you can embed your boards to inside coda, that maybe help your workflow :+1:

If you whant to make the data in coda go to a card in a flowchat, or something like that, you can use Lucidchart.

Lucidchart import data from Google Sheets, so you can connect coda to Sheets and see your data in Lucidchart.