Make a group of people to tag

I want to always tag 11 people to the coda document, can I make a group like in gmail to say @group and tag all the people to the document.

Not that I am aware of.

User groups would be great. We’re so used to tagging @warehouse etc in Slack to trigger notifications in our warehouse, or @admin to highlight something important to our administrators. Having that ability in Coda would be a lot of help regarding communication.

Hey @Ujwal_Shrestha1,

Great question! You could actual create a team table with the 11 people in it and then make the display column the name of the group. Then when you are on the canvas, you can create a named formula to pull up all the 11 people and notify them that they have been tagged in a doc. Hope that helps!

All my best,

Any demonstration would be wonderful. Thank you.

Hi @Ujwal_Shrestha1,

Here is a quick mock up on what I was talking about:

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