Make drop-downs reflect an in table % of completion (rectangle)

Please take a look at the image below. I would like to emulate the total progress based off of the drop downs. Its unique in that each drop down has different selectors each representing forward progress. Example:

If CV is marked “Go” thats 34% because its the only option
But in Phone Interview, there is the option of “scheduled”, “Go” “Call Again”, Scheduled would move it forward 17% (total progress = 51%) and “Go” would move it forward 34%. (total progress 68%) Call Again would negate the total progress and the toal would be back at 34%

Does that make sense?

So there is another secondary table that contains the selectors for CV, Phone Interview, Personal Interview? Or does each field just have the choice of “Blank”, “Scheduled” or “Go” ?

Thanks for responding. Let me know if this helps to answer your question.

Well…I would have the “choices” in another table that you would do a lookup to. In that secondary table, give each choice a numeric level.

If the CV field only has “Go” or “No Go” has choices, I would give the “Go” a level of 34% and “No Go” a level of 99.

The Phone Interview field would have “Go” = 67%, “No Go” = 99, “Scheduled” = 51%, “Call Again” = 34%

The Personal Interview field would have “No Go” = 99, “Scheduled” = 84%, “Go” = 100%

This way assumes that there are no new levels added / subtracted later. If so, you would have to adjust the numeric levels.

I don’t have the algorithm down pat, but if the level is 99, then game over and progress is either 0 or 100% depending on how you look at it.

You could have a Total Progress field with something like
concatenate(Rectangle(min(100,max level * 100),15,"#00ff00","Progress"),rectangle(100-( max level*100),15,"#838b83", " "))

Make sense?

This is great. Can you please clarify…when you say give numerical value do you mean in one column would be “Go” and in column two would be the percentage?

The progress bar doesn’t work.

Yes. That’s exactly what I mean. I apologize for not being clear.


You can also use ‘Scale’ to create a kind of progress bar. There logic behind the percentage is very basic here, maybe you can automate the amounts by counting the elements. But I think you have to define thinks like the number of columns anyway, so it probably doesn’t really matter.

The formula of the progress bar checks each column value and looks for the percentage value in the steps table. You have to check, if the field is empty, otherwise you’d get an error. In the end it is rouneded up, so 9.9 (33,33 * 3) will result in 10

And of course this here is a great example for reactangle progress bars, where you can probably apply my logic too:

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Thanks guys. I really appreciate the help!

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How would be able to have blanks exist? I need them for the UX

I just used a basic “if”.

dummy code:
if(, you formula to add value for column cv to the bar, 0)

That way, a column (e.g. cv) without blank value will result in a 0 in your calculation and doesn’t mess it up.

Curtis, I shared a doc with you that should resolve your issues. Let me know if you didn’t get the share.

No share on my end Kurt right?

Correct. let me go double check. one sec.