Managing Template Upgrades

Hi everyone!

I’m currently building a document/app in Coda that is meant to be used as a sort of “open source” Product Feedback System (PFS).

The idea is that users can create copies of this document and run their on PFS for their organizations.

However, from time to time, I’ll be adding new features (think v1, v2, v3, etc.).

I’ve noticed already that there’s no way to sync the copies of the template with the original (thread: What's the best way to maintain consistent tables across different documents using a single template?).

What would be the best way to migrate the help the users upgrade their documents?

  1. Migrate rows from the old version tables to the new one? (I think this requires a paid pack)
  2. CSV import/export? (images and some other media are lost)
  3. Other option I’m missing?

Please let me know how you’re dealing with this.

Thank you!

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