Template digest?

I just finished reading the templates I was interested about, where do I need to go to periodically discover the templates that have been made available?

Dear @Lois_Boutrash,

This is the template gallery: https://coda.io/templates

I assume you mean to ask: how can I sort the templates by “date uploaded”?
Unfortunately it’s not possible, @maria, maybe it’s a good suggestion to include this option.

@Jean_Pierre_Traets is right - we currently don’t have this sorting functionality. But, generally we put new templates along the top, and we always make sure to send our favorite new templates via email updates. I think this is a great idea though! I just send a message to Glenn, our PM who focuses on the gallery. Keep that feedback coming!


Thanks for your answer

Can I access the updates you send via email through RSS? If not, can you help me find the places where I can re-suscribe to these updates? I really want to see what’s coming :grin:

Hi @Lois_Boutrash! The good news is that if you receive Coda’s product update emails, you’ll automatically get template announcements too. If you’ve unsubscribed from our emails, just contact our support team at support@coda.io and they’ll take care of getting you set up.

For RSS, I haven’t configured anything myself, but it seems possible. Sorry I don’t have more details on that!