Matches formula cannot match to a lookup field

I would like to use a Single Select Control or the current selection of a row on a table to update other tables.

That works on a Single Select when you run a match on a text field in a table. When you run the match on a lookup field in a table, it doesn’t work. I assume this is because the lookup might be an array so the match won’t work. Maybe you add a Contains function for this scenario?

Also, not sure if you could use the current selection of a row as a source to update another table, but that would be valuable.

Hey @BP_Jeremy_Lee, I faced a similar challenge early on when I was working through formulas in Coda. Can you share screenshots of the tables you are talking about? This thread may be relevant for you as you figure out how to use the “Lookup From Table” column format.

This answer from @mallika might be relevant since it sounds like you have dependencies in your tables.