@-mention users who have not interacted with a doc


I’m hoping to find a way to enable @-mentioning users from my company in docs / comments without needing to explicitly share a document with each of them. We’re trying to replace GDocs for a lot of documents where we collaborate, tag folks, and ask questions of anyone in comments, but we’re finding it hard to migrate off of GDocs due to the inability to tag folks without explicitly sharing a document with them first.

One approach I tried was to add the G Suite Directory pack to populate a table in a hidden page with all our org’s email addresses. This enabled me to select anybody from my company in an @-mention, but it didn’t send them notifications. Is this a current issue with notifying users who have yet interacted with a doc? Does anyone know of any work-arounds for this?

Hi Emilio! This should now be possible with today’s update: Launched: Invite people to your doc using @-mentions