Launched: Invite people to your doc using @-mentions

At one time or another, most of us have experienced the unwelcome phenomenon of being deep in our doc creation flow, and then trying to reference someone who hasn’t been invited to the doc yet. Up until today, you’ve had to share your doc with collaborators before you could reference them in the doc:

Mention to Share Before.gif

How this worked before :pleading_face:

We realized this can be disruptive and might prevent you from collaborating with your team as smoothly as you’d like. That’s why, starting today, you can @-mention someone in a doc to share it with them! If someone is already in your Coda workspace, you’ll see them as an option to share. Otherwise, simply follow the @-symbol with their email address to open the sharing dialog, then get back to making!

Mention to Share After.gif

How this works now :partying_face:

Not ready to share your doc yet? That’s fine too. You can choose “Don’t Share” from the dialog, and their reference will be grayed out. Simply hover over the grayed-out mention to trigger a button to share the doc with them when you’re ready, or use the traditional flow via the “Share” button at the top of every doc.

We found that on average it used to take over 10 steps to mention someone in a doc you hadn’t shared with them yet. Now, it should just take a few quick clicks, whether you’re in a comment, a cell, or on the page!


Are you also working on page level permissions?

Keep up the good work :muscle:

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+1 on the page-level permissions!


Great feature! Thanks

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Hey Tom, we do have page-level locking if that is what you have in mind. But if you’re looking for the ability to share only specific pages instead of the whole doc, that is definitely on our list.

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