Mentorship Opportunity

Hey all! I work for a no-code/low-code agency called Little Robot and we are going to be offering a technical mentorship program to a selected individual. This program will likely focus on Coda doc building, but may include some basic JavaScript and/or web development as well depending on the mentee’s skills and interests. If you would like to find out more about this opportunity and how to apply, check out the doc below!


This is cool, I definitely applied. But am more interested in learning the platform and what it can do for our company. We currently use Quickbase, and just poking around bubble, I can see how it already excels in customization while maintaining a visually appealing interface for end users. :+1:

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Hey @Kim_Rooney :wave: Thanks for applying! We’ve actually already started the program with someone but may be offering it again in the fall, so I’ll reach back out then. It won’t include any Bubble teaching as I don’t have that skillset, but my colleagues use Bubble a lot and have made some pretty slick apps in it. If you’re committed to learning it, I’d recommend taking a Bubble bootcamp to get you started.