Mobile app always told browser not supported

Trying to use the mobile app on my Android smartphone, as soon I try to login using my email (not the integrations with Google or so) I get to a page telling me my browser it’s not supported.

I’m using Firefox as a default browser, but have also Chrome installed.

So I can understand maybe it’s not a native app but a web app, still if Firefox it’s not supported will be good at least asking which browser I want to use.

It works when you set Chrome to your default browser. But it is very disappointing for Coda to not support Firefox tho. I hope the dev can make it work on Firefox.

I can understand why having Firefox working it’s not a top priority, but I (not an expert in the topic) was thinking a Web app will normally integrate their own browser to overcome any problem, that’s why I was surprised.
This is the first time I got this kind of problem from an mobile app, that need to be self consistent.
As a workaround I suggested just asking what browser need to be used, even if knowing Chrome is the only supported I better just create a link to the page in my home.

I´m a big fan of coda but…Edge on my android devices is also not supported and more trouble with a banner shows “share” and “vote” button directly overlay the “Submit” Button in a form.
I worked hours and hours and at least I´m forced to show my clients this result. Only Chrome can display correct and it is not possible to hit the “Submit” Button. What rating should I expect and to whom I will share this Coda Doc. So please Coda, find a solution with that anoing button, kick it in the bin or what ever. The years before it worked without this nonsens very well.